Addvild, a farmer from Snow-Shod farm, eating dinner at his home in the farm near Riften

Addvild is a male Nord NPC in Skyrim who works in the Snow-Shod Farm near Riften


Addvild can be found working on the farm during the day, and inside his house, a wooden shack in the farm, during the evening and night.


Addvild is a farmer in the Snow-Shod farm. He is not part of the Snow-Shod family, but Vulwulf Snow-Shod still trusts him to work on his family's farm.

Items for Sale[edit]

Addvild does not sell anything, however he will buy from you the following items:

Leek (1 Gold)

Potato (1 Gold) (From Potato Plant)

Wheat (5 Gold)

All these items can be harvested in the farm.


Addvild is not known to be involved in any quests.


Addvild often talks about how gracious he is that Vulwulf Snow-Shod lets him work in the farm, considering he is not part of the family.

Addvild also says that he is glad that guards are watching the farm.