Fara is in distress and very frantic, not knowing the whereabouts of her daughter, Erma

"Every Mother's Nightmare" is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2

You get it from Fara at the Fort Joy Ghetto


Fara is very worried about what happened to her daughter, Erma. She cries for her constantly and asks passers-by if they have seen her. Perhaps your party can be of assistance in locating the daughter?





  • Speak with Fara (as a human)
  • Speak with Jeth
  • Speak with Fara (as a human)

Quest Items[edit]




  • I have spoken to an inmate called Fara, who is frantically looking for her missing daughter, Erma.
  • I was informed by an inmate named Jeth that Erma isn't missing - she wras killed in a Voidwoken attack some time ago.
  • I discovered that Fara has been unable to accept the death of her daughter. There was nothing more I could do.


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • You can talk to Jeth before speaking to Fara. In that case, talk to Fara again after accepting the quest to inform her of her daughter's fate. If it says she ignores you, make sure you are speaking to her with a non-elf/non-dwarf/non-lizard/non-undead character (see below) and try again. If she is still ignoring you, wait a few seconds and try again. Note that some dialog choices may have upset her and caused her to cut you off. In that case, reload and re-do the quest choosing different dialog options.
  • You can only complete this quest with a human character, such as Ifan ben-Mezd. Fara won't listen to elves or lizards, such as Sebille and The Red Prince.