Fortnite Battle Royale: Dance on top of a Crown of RVs Metal Turtle and Submarine

From Orcz

"Dance on top of a Crown of RVs, Metal Turtle, and Submarine" is a Weekly Challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale.

This is a multi stage challenge:

  • Stage 1: Dance on top of a crown of RVs
  • Stage 2: Dance on top of a metal turtle.
  • Stage 3: Dance on top of a submarine.


  • The Crown of RV's is found on top of a hill in the desert, south of the small adobe town near gas station. It is easier to get there when jumping of the Battle Bus rather than climbing it. The ring of RVs should be easy to spot as you approach the area.
  • The Metal Turtle is located near the edge of the map, east of Wailing Woods. You should be easily able to identify the metal turtle (body made of metal, wood made of head) from a distance.
  • The Submarine is located on top of a frozen mountain just SE of Frosty Flights (Quadrant B9). Again, it is easier to drop there rather then making your way up.

See screenshots below for help finding where all the locations are: