[[File:FortniteBattleRoyaleModern.jpg|right|thumb|400px|The Modern Glider in Fortnite BR. You can buy it from the Cash Store for 500 [[Fortnite Battle Royale: FNBR VBuck.png|vbucks]].]]

"Modern" is a Glider Skin in Fortnite Battle Royale.


"A bold addition to your gliding repertoire."

Use to change how your Glider looks like.

How to get[edit]

Buy it from the Cash Shop.


500 [[Fortnite Battle Royale: FNBR VBuck.png|FNBR VBuck.png]]



  • Go to the Locker screen to equip this skin.
  • "Modern" does not affect your Umbrella, it only affects your Glider.

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