Brick Splash Screen in Borderlands 2.

Brick is a NPC in Borderlands 2.

Brief Biography[edit]

Brick is one of the four Original Vault Hunters who came to Pandora and looses the alien found within the Vault. He was guided by Angel. After the events of Borderlands, he settled in New Haven for a time. Unfortunately, there was a falling out between him and Roland. They had very different views on how to handle the Hyperion threat after their resistance to Hyperion was revealed.

Brick was living peacefully on Pandora with his puppy until Hyperion tracked him down. He was confronted by Handsome Jack and Sheriff of Lynchwood. They brutally murdered the puppy in front of Brick. This sent Brick into a rage and he became what they saw him to be: a bandit.

At this point he formed the gang known as the Slabs. He became more widely known as "The Slab King" than anything else. He kept in minimal touch with the rest of the original Vault Hunters at this point.

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