My Dead Brother, where art thou?

"My Dead Brother" is the side quest from Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC in Borderlands 2

Mission Type[edit]

Side Mission (DLC4) (Optional Mission)

Start location[edit]

Lair of Infinite Agony

How to start[edit]

Speak to Simon the Necromancer. Once at the bottom of Wailer's Drop head over to the East. Nearby the elevator going up a level you will find Simon


Lair of Infinite Agony


Resurrect Corpses

Re-kill corpses

Resurrect corpses

Re-kill corpses

Resurrect corpses

Resurrect Edgar

Kill Edgar


Kill Simon

TURN IN: Simon the Necromancer or Edgar the Pyromancer


Money, XP and either

Mission Briefing[edit]

Family matters

Mission Debriefing[edit]

Kill either Simon or Edgar

Bro team kill.


Simon: "Hey. I'm Simon. Wizard. Nice to meet you. Bop!"

Simon: "I just cursed you. Don't be angry though, cause it's a pretty cool curse. You ready? You can talk to the dead. Like I said, pretty cool. In return for this gift, I need you to find my brother, Edgar. Visit the pile o' corpses the Sorcerer tossed down here, resurrect some bodies, and see if Edgar is one of 'em. Also, you can raise the dead now. You're welcome. Anyway, off with you."

Approach the first pile of corpses

Wizard Simon: Alright, you're near one of the corpse piles. Just walk up and touch the bodies and you should revive 'em."

Touch the sword:

Simon: "Ooh! Edgar in there? Nah? Doesn't look like it. We'd be wearing a crown. Ah well, better re-kill 'em all."

When the First corpse pile has been re-killed:

Simon: "Oh, when you find Edgar? You're not like, bringing him back to me or anything. I just wanna make sure he's dead. We were both courting this duchess, she chose him, I murdered him, blah blahblah. Anyway, when you do find him, put a bullet in his head."

Second Summon Point:

Simon: "Nooope. Nobdy in there but that troop of Cookie Scouts the handsome Sorcerer ran over. Though in his defense, he was probably in a hurry."

Mid-point in the second group:

Simon: "C'mon, Edgar, where are you? See, this is why you never get drunk before a murder. I definitely burned his house down, but I can't remember if I locked him inside first. Gaahhh, so irritating."

After killing third group:

Simon: "He's still not -- oh. You know what? I just realized I was sitting on his corpse the whole time. My bad. heh ... come back and we'll re-kill him together."

Approach the brothers:

Simon: He's body's right over there. Could you revive him?"

After Edgar is revived:

Edgar: "Wait, Vault-Bro! Don't kill ME, kill HIM!"

Simon: "You're not gonna side with someone who just called you 'Vault-Bro', are you? Shoot this chucklehead already!"

Shoot Edgar:

Edgar: "Not cool, bro!"

After Edgar's death:

Simon: "Well done! I took the liberty of removing that curse from you. Didn't mention it before, but it would've killed you in a week if I hadn't lifted it."

Turn in:

Simon: "God. You know that guy spent all his time playing sports? Who does that? Honestly!"

Shoot Simon:

Simon: "You sided with that jock? REALLY?!"

Kill Simon:

Edgar: "Fraticide is the best-icide! Let's talk!"

Turn In:

Edgar: "Thanks, bro. My soul feels hella at rest."