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The Bee: A Legendary Shield in Borderlands 2

The Bee

The Bee is a legendary shield in Borderlands 2.


[edit] The Bee Drop Location

The Bee drops from Hunter Hellquist

[edit] The Bee Drop Rate

Drop Rate for The Bee is 3.5%

[edit] How to farm for The Bee

Get the mission: This Just In

Go to Arid Nexus Boneyard and then to the Hyperion Truth Network. Take the Hyperion Lift up to the Radio Station and kill Hunter Hellquist. The shield is a very rare drop so it most likely won't drop first time. TURN IN the quest (if you don't turn in quest after killing Hellquist, he does not appear again until you've turned it in). Then quit the game, and go back to the radio station and kill him again. Quit to menu, just continue the game, and keep farming until you get the shield. Some people have gotten the bee in the first try, for others it dropped after 50 tries.

[edit] The Bee in Vending Machines

The Bee has a chance to be the Item of the Day in Dr. Zed's Meds so check the machines often.

[edit] The Bee/Conference Call Combo

The Bee goes very well with Conference Call. Players wielding both these items can easily kill Terramorphous the Invincible. However, in recent patching the amplify damage of The Bee has been set to share between each bullet in a "spread" based weapon, nerfing the overall effect.

[edit] Other Effective Combos

Since The Bee has zero amp drain, weapons with high fire rate and high accuracy tend to be the most effective options in most scenarios. weapons such as Dahl manufacture or The Invader are a very powerful alternative to the conference call. The Infinity gun is VERY effective with the Bee Shield, and even more so with the Sheriffs Badge relic.

[edit] Main Attributes

Note: Stats may vary based on the level you get the shield.

Rarity: Orange (Legendary)

Type: Shield

Level Requirements: 25 (50)

Manufacturer: Hyperion

Value: $2,665 ($45,315)

[edit] Shield Stats

Capacity: 1213 (18,374)

Recharge Rate: 1111 (15,693)

Recharge Delay: 6.30 (6.44)

Amp Damage: 2408 (+42,225)

Amp Shot Drain: 0

[edit] Other Effects

"Float like a butterfly..." (red text effect)

When fully charged, next weapon shot deals bonus Amp Damage for no Amp Drain

There is also versions that has immunity to Burn or Corrosion and reduced damage from explosive

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