The Queen's Wrath

This is the first major event to occur inside the game since its launch. The Queen of the Reef has sent her emissary, Petra Venji, The Queen's Emissary.

This event last from 9/23/2014 to 10/6/2014

"The Queen's emissary is prepare to reward Guardians who extinguish the enemies of the Reef. New Bounties will be available, and challenging mission modes await those who prove themselves."

This offers unique Bounties:

Last Days of Winter

Archon Slayer

Extermination Protocol

By Thy Hand

Her Willful Gaze

Relic Harvest - Fallen

and more!

There are also Special missions available:

The Queen's Wrath

All these missions are Level 24+. They have you completing story missions with a minimum of 3 Skulls applied. You will encounter the Mythic, 1 Damage (increasing the damage of Arc, Solar or Void attacks) and a random one.

You can also purchase Queen's Gear after you have earned at least 1 Rank of the Queen's Favor.


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