The Objective, “Arm the explosives” in Destiny 2.

Arm the explosives is an Objective in the Adventure No Safe Distance in Destiny 2.


Remain near the Goliath tanks while Ghost arms all three high-yield explosives at once.


  • With the explosives in place the Guardian will need to stay nearby the tanks.
  • You will need to fight through a number of Legionaries, Psions, Gladiator and War Beasts.
  • You will need to stay on the landing with the 3 Goliath Tanks.
  • Getting through the first wave will have the Guardian against Legionaries, War Beasts, and Phalanx.
  • Just fight on through the wave carefully.
  • Keeping nearby the tanks will give you plenty of cover to work with.
  • Save your Super in case you start to get overwhelmed, especially if it is one that allows you to move.
  • take your time and keep on guard for the War Beasts rushing your position.


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