The Quest Step, Strength In Numbers in Destiny 2.

Strength In Numbers is a quest step in Destiny 2.

Part of the Purifying Thorn Quest.


"Fight together or die alone." - Lord Shaxx

Your philosophy about this gun has crystallized.If Thorn was a weapon of selfishness, then the gun you make will be one of selflessness. If it's a coordinated fireteam that saved the CIty from Ghaul, then the gun you make will support fireteams. The Light is about standing united in service of a hopeful future.

Defeat Guardians with Hand Cannons as a team, generate Orbs of Light for fellow Guardians, and defeat Invaders in Gambit before they killed any of your teammates.


  • Orbs of Light: 50
  • Final Blows with Hand Cannons: 50
  • Invasions Denied: 1


  • Hand Cannon Kills: 2 for team kills, 3 for your kills.
  • Orb Generator can be done with Supers or Masterwork weapons.
  • Will need to be the first to kill the invader before they kill any teammates at least once.

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Additional Notes[edit]

  • The end reward of the quest chain is Lumina.