Iron Man 3 Movie Armor, one of the many costumes included in the Ultimate Pack of Marvel Heroes
Wolverine Weapon X Costume

These are the costumes included in Ultimate Pack in the Marvel Heroes Game

(Please add any missing ones to the list below)

NOTE: You will find all your Ultimate Pack Costumes in your STASH

Black Panther[edit]

Black Panther Classic
Black Panther Tribal
Black Panther Wakandan Tech

Black Widow[edit]

Black Widow Avengers Movie
Black Widow Classic
Black Widow Gray Bodysuit
Black Widow Original


Cable Armored Cyborg
Cable Classic X-Force
Cable Modern
Cable Original

Captain America[edit]

Captain America Avengers Movie
Captain America Classic
Captain America Marvel Now!
Captain America Original
Captain America Reborn
Captain America Steve Rogers Director of S.H.I.E.L.D
Captain America The Captain


Colossus Classic
Colossus Magneto's Acolyte
Colossus Marvel Now!
Colossus Modern
Colossus Phoenix Force


Cyclops 90's X-Men
Cyclops Astonishing
Cyclops Classic
Cyclops Marvel Now!
Cyclops Original
Cyclops X-Factor


Daredevil Armored
Daredevil Modern
Daredevil Secret Wars
Daredevil Shadowland


Deadpool Classic
Deadpool Pirate Costume - Enhanced
Deadpool Sheriff
Deadpool Unmasked
Deadpool X-Force
Deadpool X-Men

Emma Frost[edit]

Emma Frost Modern
Emma Frost White Queen


Hawkeye Avengers Movie
Hawkeye Classic
Hawkeye Modern
Hawkeye Old Man Logan


Hulk Avengers Movie
Hulk Classic
Hulk (Community Choice)
Hulk Gray Skin
Hulk Maestro
Hulk Mr. Fixit
Hulk Planet Hulk

Human Torch[edit]

Human Torch Modern
Human Torch Red

Iron Man[edit]

Iron Man 3 Movie Armor
Iron Man Avengers Movie Armor
Iron Man Classic
Iron Man Extremis
Iron Man Mark I
Iron Man Mark II
Iron Man Mark III
Iron Man Mark IV
Iron Man Mark V
Iron Man Mark VI
Iron Man Starboost Armor
Iron Man Marvel Now!
Iron Man Silver Centurion
Iron Man Stealth

Jean Grey[edit]

Jean Grey 90's X-Men
Jean Grey Black Queen
Jean Grey Dark Phoenix
Jean Grey Phoenix
Jean Grey Marvel Now!


Luke Cage Modern

Ms Marvel[edit]

Ms. Marvel Agent of S.W.O.R.D
Ms. Marvel Captain Marvel
Ms. Marvel Classic
Ms. Marvel Modern


Nova Modern


Punisher Classic
Punisher Modern
Punisher Trench Coat
Punisher War Torn

Rocket Raccoon[edit]

Rocket Raccoon Marvel Now!
Rocket Raccoon Modern

Scarlet Witch[edit]

Scarlet Witch Marvel Now!
Scarlet Witch Romani
Scarlet Witch The Crossing


Spider-Man Big Time
Spider-Man Classic
Spider-Man Future Foundation
Spider-Man Modern
Spider-Man Scarlet Spider
Spider-Man Sensational
Spider-Man Symbiote - Enhanced

Squirrel Girl[edit]

Squirrel Girl Classic


Storm 90's X-Men
Storm Classic Black
Storm Classic White
Storm Mohawk

The Thing[edit]

Thing Classic
Thing Black Jersey
Thing Fantastic Pants
Thing Future Foundation


Thor Avengers Movie
Thor Classic
Thor Destroyer
Thor Marvel Now!
Thor Modern


Wolverine 90's X-Men
Wolverine Brown
Wolverine Days of Future Past
Wolverine Modern
Wolverine Patch
Wolverine Weapon X
Wolverine X-Men Costume
Wolverine X-Force

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