Defiance: New Ego Codes - Season Two

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This page will have a list of all the new season 2 Ego Codes in the game Defiance

(For the old ones, which may or may not still work, see: Defiance: Arkfall Codes)

Bookmark and check this page often for the latest codes!

These EGO codes will grant costumes, equipment, currencies, Patron Passes, and even a new vehicle!

Ego Codes List[edit]

Number Code Source Credit Reward(s) Status & Dates
1 Obama 15 Day Paradise Patron Pass Expired
2 SHRILL Purple Shrill Grenades Expired
3 Forged 100 Ark Forge Expired
4 Raider Shotgun Murderface Helmet Expired
5 VBI 15 Day Paradise Patron Pass Expired
6 Powertech Powertech Lock Box Expired
7 Biohazard Biohazard Lock Box Expired
8 ORANGE i R Mr PuPPy v2 Soleptor S.E. Durango Expired
9 Bonus Verxaachi 15 Day Paradise Patron Pass Expired
10 BOOST Katt Karnage Personal Boost Grab Bag Expired
11 Hunter Katt Karnage Armchair Ark Hunter title Expired
12 Defiant BadluckLu Defiant Few Outfit Expired
13 Windfall T4 Lockbox Expired

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