Destiny 2: Restore power to the station - Riptide

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The Objective, “Restore power to the station” in Destiny 2.

Restore power to the station is an Objective in the Story Riptide in Destiny 2.


Go to the generator room and activate the wave energy converters.


  • Head across the lower platforms you see in front of you toward the marked tower.
  • Go through the next tower as well. This will bring you to The Rig.
  • Across the towers, make your way over to the right, where you see the Acolytes and a Shrieker.
  • You will see them fighting Fallen Dregs and Vandals.
  • Head toward where the Shrieker was, fight your way through the remaining Fallen and into the Hive on the far side.
  • There you will need to fight through Acolytes and a Knight.
  • Go into the open doorway just beyond them to continue forward.
  • Head to the back of the room and turn to the left.
  • Go on up the stairs and through the open doorway in the back of the room.
  • Through the doorway, turn to the right.
  • Follow the hallway on through to reach the Tidal Anchor.
  • As you enter this area, you will see more Hive and Fallen fighting each other.
  • You will see Acolytes fighting Dregs and Wretches after some Exploder Shanks rush the Acolytes.
  • Clear them out and then head through the open doorway.
  • Go to the back right, fighting through the Fallen there. Expect a Captain, Dregs, and Vandals
  • Against the large windows is a console control panel. Approach and interact with the middle one to open the path forward.