• This season pass started on February 22, 2018 and finished on April 30.

How to buy[edit]

You can buy it into game at "Battle pass" page. then you complete chalengs to get higher teirs


  • Normal battle pass cost 950 [[Fortnite Battle Royale: FNBR VBuck.png|FNBR VBuck.png]] (~10$).
  • You can buy "Battle Bundle" for 2800 [[Fortnite Battle Royale: FNBR VBuck.png|FNBR VBuck.png]] (~24.99$). Includes access to the Battle Pass and instantly unlocks your next 25 tiers, all at a 40% discount.


  • You can level up your pass and unlock over than 100 rewards worth 22,000 [[Fortnite Battle Royale: FNBR VBuck.png|FNBR VBuck.png]].
  • Some rewards of battle pass are boost for your account level and a little boost for your friends account level.


  • Battle pass don't give you advantages like more powerful guns or others items to win the match.
Battle Pass Season 3
Battle Pass Season 3