Survive is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Survive is an objective in the Main Quest , No Way Out in Far Cry 5


Survive the onslaught of the cultists.


  • In the truck, the Junior Deputy and Marshal Burke are making their escape from the region.
  • Immediately lean out of the vehicle and open fire on the cultists that are chasing you down.
  • Turn to the left and look toward the front of the truck after that.
  • You will see a Cultist guarding the opening the gate in front of you.
  • Duck back inside the truck as Burke hits the fence and speeds down the road in front of you.
  • Reload as Burke talks and look forward.
  • Down the road a short ways you will encounter a roadblock the Cultists have set up.
  • Fire on the cultists outside their vehicles.
  • After that, lean out and look toward the back of the truck.
  • A vehicle is in pursuit of you with more cultists attacking you.
  • Aim either for the gunner or the driver to quickly stop them.
  • You will pass a convenience store where the pursuit vehicle will smash into the store front.
  • Unfortunately, it is almost immediately replaced.
  • This one has 2 gunners and a driver.
  • Always, go for the driver first to quickly break the pursuit.
  • Not long after that, you will go over a hillcrest.
  • Burke will point out a case of Dynamite sitting the back of the truck.
  • Follow the prompts on screen to grab some sticks.
  • Pull out the dynamite, hold it for a short moment then lob it just in front of the trucks coming after you.
  • Throw what you can, after that, return to using your gun.
  • Past the trains, you will be dealing another car or two coming after yours.
  • That is when something more dangerous makes its appearance, a airplane with guns.
  • Fire on it some, but you want to put your focus toward the front of the truck after that.
  • Another truck is in front of you with 2 gunners in the back of it.
  • Fire on them quickly, eliminating them as fast as possible.
  • Going along the dirt path to the first bridge, you will find another few vehicles roadside that have cultists in front of them.
  • Take out the drivers.
  • As your car approaches the first bridge, a Quadbike with a driver and a gunner will come down from the hillside.
  • Take them out quickly then turn your focus toward the oncoming car in the other lane.
  • From there, just look forward to the small group of cultists on the far side of the bridge.
  • Going around the corner you will a pair of cows.
  • Another truck will pull out from the nearby lot and the cultists in the back will start attacking you.
  • Go for the gunner then the driver to remove this vehicle.
  • The plane will make a second pass, detonating vehicles on top of the overpass you are just going through.
  • Another roadblock awaits on the other side of this explosion that Burke will just power through.
  • Just ahead of you is the Henbane River Bridge, the end point of this section.
  • Ride onto it, fighting the truck with the machine gun mounted onto its bed.
  • Take out the gunner, then the driver to make things a little easier.
  • The road will explode as the plane shoots at the truck in front of you, causing it to explode.
  • Burke and the Junior Deputy are thrown in the Henbane River below.
  • A cutscene runs, leading you to the next mission.


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