The Quest Step, Navigate the Vault in Destiny 2: Duality.

Navigate the Vault is an objective in Duality.




  • Once in here, go to the far side of the large thing in the middle.
  • Look to the left-hand side to find a bell through some grating.
  • Be sure you are standing on the walkway with the treasure on either side of you.
  • Shoot the bell to be taken to the Nightmare.
  • Getting into the Nightmare, you will immediately need to deal with a few Warbeasts as well as a Centurion.
  • Clear them to have some space to work.
  • Head back toward the large object under the cloth.
  • Look to the same side as the bell, you will see narrow walkways above the void.
  • Long Jump out toward the narrow walkway, run along it, toward the high walkway.
  • Go to the right-hand edge of this higher walkway.
  • Jump through the opening on the right.
  • Land in the hallway through the opening and head over to the right.
  • Go back toward the grating to reach the bell you used to cross over.
  • Shoot the bell within the circle to return to Reality.
  • Once there, look for the opening close to the ceiling, to the right.
  • Jump into the opening and run along it.
  • This will lead to an up-ramp.
  • Run up this ramp to reach the top.
  • At the top, turn around and jump for the ledge just behind you.
  • Land here, turn around, and then jump up to the next ledge.
  • Landing there, jump up to the area just above you.
  • Look through the grating to the grating on the far side of the room you are now in.
  • There, you can just see another Bell.
  • Get the bell to strike by shooting it to be taken into the Nightmare.
  • Inside the Nightmare, start out onto the narrow walkway in front of you.
  • Get across the wide room using the walkways to reach the Bell.
  • Shoot the bell while you are within the circle to return to Reality.
  • Back in Reality, go to the far side of the bell and look upwards to find a ledge.
  • Jump up to it and then go back toward the gap using the ledge above you.
  • Look to the right to spot the narrow walkways here with a number of Cabal on them.
  • Either snipe them from a distance or just run through, going for the back left hallway opening.
  • Inside this hallway, run to the mid-height wall.
  • Jump over the wall and then drop into the next angled shaft.
  • Jump periodically to keep control of your momentum.
  • This will bring you into another hallway.
  • Turn to the right here.