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Skyrim Dawnguard is the first official expansion (DLC) for the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

It was released by Bethesda on June 26, 2012, exclusively for the Xbox 360 (for $20/1600 Xbox Live Points), and is scheduled to be released for the PC and PS3 30 days after.


In this expansion you can choose to join either the Vampires and become a Vampire Lord, or join the Dawnguards and become a vampire hunter.

How to Start the Dawnguard Quests[edit]

To start the Dawnguard questline, either talk to a guard in a major city, or to Durak. You need to be at least level 10 to begin this quest.[1]

You will be instructed to go to Fort Dawnguard where you will get further instructions from the Dawnguards leader, Isran.

Notable NPCs[edit]

Dexion Evicus




Lord Harkon


Sorine Jurard


New Areas[edit]

Castle Volkihar

Darkfall Cave

Dayspring Canyon

Dimhollow Crypt

Forgotten Vale

Fort Dawnguard

Main Quests[edit]

A New Order


Beyond Death


Chasing Echoes

Dawnguard (Quest)

Kindred Judgment


Scroll Scouting

Seeking Disclosure

The Bloodstone Chalice

Touching the Sky

Unseen Visions

Side Quests[edit]

A Jarl's Justice

Amulets of Night Power

Ancient Power

Ancient Technology

Bolstering the Ranks

Cleansing Light

Culling the Beast

Deceiving the Herd

Destroying the Dawnguard

The Gift

Hide and Seek

The Hunt

Hunting the Monster

Impatience of a Saint

Lost Relic

New Allegiances

Preemptive Strike

Protecting the Bloodline

Rings of Blood Magic



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How To Begin The Dawnguard Quest In Skyrim


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